Hello! We are TABITTO!

We are from the seemingly “Ordinary” but in reality an EXTRAORDINARY place in Japan…Kagoshima. Located in the southernmost island of Kyushu and blessed by mother nature, apart from its rich historical and cultural heritage it is a food lovers paradise too!  

You may find various sightseeing places in guide books or on internet searches. However, we hope to offer you a variety of unique experiences which would enrich your stay and make it an extremely memorable one. Our experiences are interactive, personal and create memories of a lifetime. Apart from learning about the history, culture and food through these experiences, you will be able to experience a different perspective about Kagoshima as you meet various local artisans and professionals.

We are also a licensed tour operator in Japan. If you want a stress-free trip or just simply a unique trip in Kagoshima, contact us. We will create your bespoke itinerary, tailormade to your needs as per your request.

Our tour / experiences will be operated in English only. Japanese also available for Japanese learner who want to use Japanese.  

Make your stay in Kagoshima a memorable one with TABITTO!


Are companies or organizations in Kagoshima who are keen to introduce and share the history, their culture and passion for what they do or make. They are an integral part of Kagoshima culture. They ARE Kagoshima.


YOU!! Who is on a path of discovery…keen to dive deeper into the local culture & history by experiencing something unique. You are different and wish to interact with the local artisans, learn about their background, listen to their stories, hear about their craft, see their products and feel their passion.  You may also learn a bit of history along with it!


We are the only tour operator in Kagoshima which helps you to arrange such special experiences within your tour itinerary. We will coordinate your tour as per your request. We have partnerships with local transport companies, accommodation providers, and travel organizations. Contact us when you book your tickets to Kagoshima!

TABITTO has experiences such as...




Find an experience/ tour which you wish to join, on the TABITTO website.



Submit a booking form via the website at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the experience.



Enjoy the special experience/ tour on the booked date, in Kagoshima!!

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