【ON-LINE】Furoshiki Lesson ~The Art of Traditional Japanese Cloth Wrapping~

DATE; 10am / 5pm (JST) on Tuesdays

JPY 5,800-
Virtual Tour


Furoshiki is a square shaped cloth which has been used in Japan since long time ago to wrap items and carry them. This is a super sustainable wrapping tool and also very traditional culture in Japan.

In this online experience, you can learn not only how to use it, but also Japanese manner.

If you have one piece of clothe, you can reduce the plastic bags consumption. And you don’t need to carry shopping bags, either. How environmentally friendly!

To enjoy the class, please prepare your cloth (70-90cm square size) and something you want to wrap.

(This collaboration with JAPAN FROM HOME. When you click the “BOOK” button, their platform opens.)

Prepare your Furoshiki in front of your screen and try with us!

We would learn some Japanese culture as well during the session.


40 mins

Attendee Requirement

Minimum 1 to Maximum 3 accounts/devices


JPY 5,800- /device

Meeting point

by Zoom with your device

Book before

7 days before OR until the tickets are sold out

Tips & Note

The ticket for virtual tour includes
– Online Lecture
– English speaking online guide

This tour does NOT include
– Real guide
– telecom charge which occurs at your end
– Furoshiki cloth (Please prepare 70-90cm square size cloth and something you want to wrap)

Please read before you book
– Cancellation policy: After purchasing the tickets, it is not refundable.

– If the tour is canceled due to bad weather conditions, a notice will be sent by e-mail before 6 PM (JST) 1 day prior to the tour. The guests will be able to reschedule/choose the alternative day or the tour fee paid will be fully refunded.

– Please download Zoom in advance.

– If any system problem occurs at our side, we will refund 100%.

– We will not guarantee that any system problem occurs at your side. Please check your internet connection environment before the tour. 

– The time is Japan Standard Time (GMT +9:00). To check the time zone difference between your country and Japan, you may refer to this time zone converte

*This tour is supported by Kagoshima city’s “Online Tourism Supporting Subsidy”.

About the host

Ayano / Kimono Suuki BIBI

AYANO is a Kimono master in Kagoshima and the owner of “Kimono Suuki BIBI”.
Her passion of Kimono made her open the shop and she wishes that the more people would enjoy wearing Kimono and become Kimono fans.

The shop is located in the center of Shiroyama area. They have many beautiful Kimono selection.

Mikiko (TABITTO Mate)

 Hi! I’m a state licensed guide living in Kagoshima. Please call me Miki! Now I’ve been working as a guide for more than five years and sometimes work an interpreter. I also have a certificate for healthcare interpreter. I love to meet new people.

I’m very flexible and cheerful. And I’m very happy to arrange a tour for you and customize it according to your requests!!

 In my town Kagoshima, there are abundant nature and places where you can experience unique local culture.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and requests which are always welcomed.

I’m looking forward to seeing you! Can’t wait!