Virtual Tour- 🍶Learning Spirits of Kagoshima”Shochu” at Hamada Denbee Distillery

Why Shochu is so special in Kagoshima? Let’s learn with Shochu specialist and Craftsman of Shochu!

DATE; Coming Soon in 2021!

– 4pm (JST), Saturday, 19th September 2020 / Executed
– 4pm (JST), Saturday, 14th November 2020 / Executed
JPY 3,500-
JPY 1,500-
Virtual Tour with Shochu Set (available only in Japan and Hong Kong)
Virtual Tour only


  • Shochu producing season is limited! the distillery tour virtualy when the craftsmen are working.
  • Learn how Sweet Potato Shochu, a.k.a Imo Shochu or Satsuma Shochu is produced.
  • How can you drink/ enjoy Shochu at home? The specialist will teach you!

It is the virtual tour to walk through the Shochu distillery with our guide, Maya Aley, an American Shochu Specialist living in Kagoshima for 9 years, will walk you through the Shochu distillery and show the Shochu making process live during the experience. Maya is the only native English speaker to complete the Kagoshima Prefecture Shochu Maker’s Guild “Shochu Meister” Program through Kagoshima University, and is certified in shochu by both the SSI in Japan and the SSA in the US. She also works at a shochu bar in downtown Kagoshima.
Maya will walk through with you in front of computer and a Craftsman of Shochu.

Yoshie, the moderator of the tour is also Shochu Meister. She will  moderate and support through out the tour.

At the end of the tour, you will learn how to drink Shochu at home. Prepare your bottle, soda and water or any your favorite juice with you!



Attendee Requirement

Minimum 4 to Maximum 10 accounts/devices


With Shochu Set (JPN &HK); JPY 3,500- 
Virtual tour only; JPY 1,500-

Meeting point

by Zoom with your device

Book before

Ticket with Shochu Set (Japan)>>>by 7 November 
Ticket with Shochu Set (Hong Kong)>>>by 10 November 
Virtual Tour only>>> 24 hours before

Tips & Note

The ticket with Shochu Set includes
– English speaking online guide
– Shochu Set (Daiyame 900ml+Soda 490ml)
– Delivery charge

The ticket only for virtual tour includes
– English speaking online guide

This tour does NOT include
– Real guide
– telecom charge which occurs at your end

Please read before you book
– Cancellation policy: After purchasing the tickets, it is not refundable.

– With a ticket, you can join the tour with your family and friends by your device (one device only).

– If the tour is canceled due to bad weather conditions, a notice will be sent by e-mail before 6 PM (JST) 1 day prior to the tour. The guests will be able to reschedule/choose the alternative day or the tour fee paid will be fully refunded.

– Please download Zoom in advance.

– If any system problem occurs at our side, we will refund 1,500yen.

– We will not guarantee that any system problem occurs at your side. Please check your internet connection environment before the tour. 

– The time is Japan Standard Time (GMT +9:00). To check the time zone difference between your country and Japan, you may refer to this time zone converter

About the host

Hamadaya Denbee gura (濵田屋伝兵衛蔵)/Hamada Syuzou 

Hamada Syuzou (濵田酒造) is one of the biggest and oldest Shochu company in Japan. They first started making shochu in 1868. Their history is more than 150 years!

Their passion in making Shochu has been inherited since they have started their distillation.  They have won many awards for their vatious bottlings in Japan and globally. Their challenge is to make an acceptable palate to world wide.

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