Kagoshima Distillery One day tour

Kagoshima’s food culture is always with fermentation. The warm climate gives the variation of the unique food culture. Kurozu, Kagoshima miso, Yamagawa zuke (Daikon radish pickles), Shochu… there are many kinds of fermented food.

Whisky is one of them. There are 2 whisky distilleries in Kagoshima,”MARS Tsunuki Distillery” and “KANOSUKE Distillery”. The history of making whiskey in Kagoshima is not that long but those companies are the specialists of making good quality liquor. The quality of whisky turns out unique and special due to the climate of Kagoshima. Why don’t we go and see how they are making their whisky?

JPY 24,720/person
JPY 21,860/person
JPY 19,800/person
JPY 18,260/person
4 to 5 persons
6 persons
7 persons
8 persons


9am  Leaving Kagoshima chou station / hotel in Kagoshima city to MARS Tsunuki Disillery

10am  MARS Tsunuki distillery visiting experience
-Special Tsunuki Lunch at “Hojo” guest house 
-Three kinds of Tsunuki special tasting set 

1pm  Leaving to KANOSUKE Distillery

2pm  KANOSUKE Distillery visiting experience
-Three kinds of KANOSUKE special tasting set at the Mellow Bar

4pm  Leaving to Kagoshima city

5pm  Arrival at the start point in Kagoshima city


8hrs (9am-5pm) 
* Mondays and Tuesdays not available

Attendee Requirement

Minimum 4 to Maximum 8 persons in a group


JPY 24,720/person (4-5 persons)
JPY 21,860 /person (6 persons)
JPY 19,800 /person (7 persons)
JPY 18,260 /person (8 persons)

Meeting point

JR Kagoshima Chuo Station/ Hotel in Kagoshima city

Book before

One week (Negotiable)

Tips & Note

< Including >
– TABITTO Mate (English speaking guide) at the experience
– Transportation from/to Kagoshima city
-Special Tsunuki Lunch at “Hojo” guest house 
-Three kinds of Tsunuki special tasting set 
– Three kinds of Kanosuke special tasting set at the Mellow Bar

* Bring your passport.

About the host

TABITTO Travel Kagoshima

TABITTO offers you a variety of experiences introducing the gems of Kagoshima. We hope that you take back your special memories home and come back again to Kagoshima in the future. TABITTO looks forward to making you a Fan – of Kagoshima!