Kagoshima PRIVATE Tram Party

We organize your special party at Kagoshima!

Are you looking for something special or an interesting venue for a PRIVATE party with your friends/visitors/tourist group?
TABITTO can arrange one for you. On a Tram! Winding slowly through the streets of Kagoshima! You enjoy and we will take care of the arrangements.

JPY 116,640/tram
Seats up to 22 people

We serve delicious Kagoshima speciality buffet style food prepared by one of the famous chefs in Kagoshima, Mr. Kenta Hayashi (the owner chef of HAY grill & coffee). Special drinks from Kagoshima such as Imo Shochu, Kokuto Shochu and refreshing sparkling Kurozu are included

Make it a memorable party with an extraordinary experience.

Book one now with TABITTO for your next trip/gathering with friends & family.

Itinerary (idea)

18:50 Meet at the meeting point
19:00 Get on the tram and let’s start with a welcome drink. “Kanpai!”
20:00 Washroom break at JR Kagoshima Station
20:50 Finish at the tram station of Kagoshima Chuo Station (same as the starting point) 


2 hrs 

Attendee Requirement

Maximum 22 persons in a group


 JPY 116,640/tram (Seats up to 22 people)

Buffet styled food and Drinks are included.

Meeting point

Statue of “Satsuma students dispatched to the West”

Tips & Note

*The cost includes an m.c. and a staff to serve drinks.

*If you prefer other drinks, which are not listed above, please feel free to bring them along with you.

*There is no washroom on the tram. We will stop at JR Kagoshima Station for a 10 minute toilet break.

*Bento (lunch box style i.e. for each guest separately) is also available. If you have any special requests for your food, please feel free to let us know.

*If your party is for a special occasions (i.e. birthday party, anniversary, childrens’ party etc..), we would be happy to arrange according to your request (additional charges would be applicable).

About the host


TABITTO offers you a variety of experiences introducing the gems of Kagoshima. We hope that you take back your special memories home and come back again to Kagoshima in the future. TABITTO looks forward to making you a Fan – of Kagoshima!