Do you want to enjoy the nightlife of Kagoshima City, but not sure where to go? Leave it to us, with this fun an excited nightlife experience tour. Be escorted by an English speaking guide (TABITTO Mate) living in Kagoshima whiling meeting the locals at 3 local bars, izakaya, restaurants.

Choose from 3 areas, each offering a different and unique atmosphere.

JPY 8,000/person
JPY 7,000/person
JPY 5,500/person
2 persons
3 to 4 persons
5 to 6 persons

Area Guide

A collection of 25 yatai (food stall) restaurants each with a unique menu. If you enjoy having snacks and food while drinking in an open environment, this is where you want to go. This tour is great for those who want an intro to all foods and drinks of Kagoshima.

The hot spot of night life in Kagoshima, especially on weekends. If you are looking for options other than Japanese food and drinks, Tenmonkanis a great choice. There is also a variety of themed bars if you are looking for a more unique experience, such as a jazz bar, anime bar w/ karaoke, cat café, etc.This tour is great for those who want more of a global nightlife feeling or a mix of Japanese and Western style
-Izakaya(居酒屋) Start
-Beer bar Start

Meizan (名山町)
Have you heard of the Showa Period(昭和時代)? It was the middle half of the 1900s. Meizan takes you back in time to the Showa Period. This alley is full of bars that were established decades ago and have kept a part of that feeling.
This tour is great if you want to see a more historic side of Japanese nightlife.

How it works

Step 1: Choose the area you want to explore.
Step 2: Decide start time and book your spot.
Step 3: Meet the guide and enjoy Kagoshima nightlife! 
\ The price covers your food & drink at the first stop! /



Attendee Requirement

 Minimum 2 to Maximum 6 persons in a group.


Adult (20+) *Japanese drinking age
2 persons, JPY 8,000 /person 
3 to 4 persons, JPY 7,000 /person
5 to 6 persons, JPY 5,500/person

Meeting point

A: “Kagoshima Frusato Food Village” front entrance
(The larger entrance of two entrances)
* Yataimura will close the operation at the end of 2020 
B: The gate at Terukuni Shrine(照国神社 大鳥居)       
C: The Statue in the Minato Odori Park
D: Your accommodation in Kagoshima city

Book before

One week (Negotiable)

Tips & Note

*There is a family friendly option as well, please inquire if there is any child.
*Including a tour escort by TABITTO Mate (bilingual guide) and food & drink for the Mate. 
*Not including what you ordered at the site.
*You do not have to pay for TABITTO Mate’s drink or food.
*The tour will be held in English. 

About the host

TABITTO Mate are the experts who know about Kagoshima a lot! “Mate” guides your tour/experience in English and make your Kagoshima stay memorable one. If you have any requests or questions during the tour/experience, feel free to ask him/her.