Dolphin Watching in Kinko Bay

Kinko Bay is the Kagoshima’s mother bay which is also called Kagoshima Bay. The bay is most notable for Sakurajima, the large active volcano that towers over the bay and Kagoshima City. Being such an active volcanic area and also having depths of over 200 meters has created a unique ecosystem with many rare kinds of sea life that can only be found in the bay. Because it’s calm and blessing nature, many dolphins lives in the bay. Let’s find dolphins and feel the Kagoshima’s mother nature!

JPY 35,000/group
1 to 11 persons

Choose your starting point

There are three option of meeting points. And length of the experience differs by meeting points.

One is the cruise boat’s base port, Nanatsu-jima. It will take 30mins from Tenmonkan area by car or you may get here by JR train (It will take 20mins walk from the nearest station “Sakanoue”) > 2hr for the cruise

Second one is at Marine Port Kagoshima. For those who came to Kagoshima by cruise ship, it’s convenient spot to meet. > 1hr 45mins for the cruise

Last one is at a pink building next to Kagoshima Toppy Port. Here is the closest meeting point from Kagoshima city/ Tenmonkan) > 1hr 30mins for the cruise


① 2hrs (from Nanatsu-jima)  
② 1hr 45mins (from Marine Port Kagoshima)
③ 1hr 30mins (from near Toppy Port /closest meeting point to Kagoshima city)
*Starting timing is flexible

Attendee Requirement

Minimum 1 to Maximum 11 persons in a group
(A child under 12yrs old will be counted as 0.5 adult. They should be accompanied by an adult)


JPY 35,000 /group (1 to 11 persons)
JPY 5,000 / additional of 30 mins
*Please let us know if you need an extension of the plan.

Meeting point

① Nanatsu-jima Port
② Marine Port Kagoshima
③ At the pink building next to Kagoshima Toppy Port (Fast boat to Yakushima/Tanegashima)

Booking before

①One day before
②③Two days before
*There is only one boat available. Better to book as early as possible for your secure reservation. 

Meeting Point ③

Tips & Note

NO TABITTO Mate (translator) at the experience.
The host , Mr. Namba theCaptain of Blue Marine Cab will guide you. If it’s difficult to communicate, TABITTO will support by whatsapp on time.

Other Route Option

Visiting isolate small island on Kinko Bay "Shin-jima"

It’s also known as “Moe-jima” among Kagoshima locals. It is located on north east of Sakurajima. It is a small island but there used to be around 200 people living on the island 100 years ago. Nobody has been lived on this island since 2013 (two residents came back in 2019). There is a beautiful beach facing to Sakurajima. Take a foldable chair and coffee. You may enjoy the picknic there. 


Same as “Dolphin Watching in Kinko Bay”


Same as “Dolphin Watching in Kinko Bay”

About the host

“Kagoshima Blue Marine Cab” is operating their cruise boat in Kinko Bay, Kagoshima. Mr. Namba the captain of Blue Marine Cab knows the spots to visit at Kinko Bay along Sakurajima very well.
They got a first phase certification for sustainable dolphin watching from Friend of the Sea, a project of the World Sustainability Organization. >> Link of the article