“Satsuma-age” Factory visiting

Satsuma-age (Kagoshima fish cake) is one of the specialties of Kagoshima.
“Ueyama Kamaboko-ya” will teach how to make their Satsuma-age at their factory.
The factory is not far from the airport and close to Kinko Bay and a fisherman’s port. Surrounded by Mother Nature, the Satsuma-age experience is truly a gift from the ocean.
After the experience, you will have your own hand made Satsuma-age and Satsuma Sumoji (Kagoshima’s traditional sushi on the plate).

JPY 6,000/person
JPY 5,625/person
2 to 5 persons
6 to 8 persons

In the factory of Ueyama Kamaboko-ya

Learn from the master how to shape Satsuma-age. You may put cheese in your Satsuma-age.

Make the shape of Satsuma-age as you like!

After making the shape, deep-fry with fryer machine.

Your hand made Satsuma-age!

They will show how to make “Satsuma Sumoji”, Kagoshima’s traditional sushi on the plate.

Let’s eat your hand made Satsuma-age and Satuma Sumoji!


2hrs / Starts at 11am- or 2pm- *Only Wednesdays are available

Attendee Requirement

Minimum 2 to Maximum 8 persons in a group


JPY 6,000/person (2 to 5 persons)
JPY 5,625/person (6 to 8 persons)

Meeting point

at JR Hayato Station or Ueyama Kamaboko-ya

Book before

10 days (Negotiable)

Tips & Note

<Price Includes>
– TABITTO Mate (English speaking guide)
– Satsuma-age making experience
– Light meal (Satsuma-age and Satsuma sumoji)

About the host

They started making fish cakes in 1915 and currently the factory is run by the fourth generation. The factory is located near Kajiki Port, which is a fisherman’s port and faces the Kinko Bay. A traditional local fish cake shop, which has been carrying on the old traditions while keeping up with modern trends.