Kagoshima Butcher’s Private Kitchen Experience

Experience the quality of IWAMOTO meat products at Restaurant KICHIZAEMON over a dinner in a simple and casual setting, wherein the main dishes only use Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu (Black Haired Wagyu beef) and Kagoshima Kuro Buta (Black Haired Boar/Pork).

JPY 7,800/person

Select your course…

A. Sukiyaki
B. Shabu Shabu
C. Steak
*For course C, select the beef
(i)  shoulder roast 
(ii) tenderloin roast 
(iii) rib roast
(ⅳ) fillet (+3,000 yen)


2hrs (Start at 6-9pm as your request)

Attendee Requirement

Minimum 2 to Maximum 10 persons in a group


JPY 7,800-/person

Meeting point

Restaurant Kichizaemon (レストラン吉佐衛門)

Tips & Note

Menu Includes: An Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert

*Drinks are not included. You can order Beer (Asahi) / Wine (white & red) / Water / Hot Tea (You may also choose to bring your own drinks. No corkage fee)
*Upgrade option is available. Please feel free to ask!

About the host

Restaurant KICHIZAEMON (吉佐衛門) is a part of the “IWAMOTO” Meat Shop (岩元精肉店), which was originally established in 1922. Since then, the IWAMOTO group has been supplying premium quality meat products based on a very strict selection criteria. Some of their specialty products include:

-Kagoshima Black Haired Wagyu beef (Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu/鹿児島黒毛和牛)

-Kagoshima Black Haired Boar/Pork (Kagoshima Kuro Buta/鹿児島黒豚).

IWAMOTO continues to be a supplier of quality meat products to various hotels, supermarkets and restaurants in Kagoshima. The chef at Restaurant KICHIZAEMON is also the third-generation owner of IWAMOTO. Being passionate about the quality of the meat they select & supply, he started this restaurant to show case and share the quality of the ingredients itself.