Experience Karate

In this experience, Goto dojo will share their philosophy and also demonstrate some skills in Karate. After you learn the background about Karate and Karate forms, you’ll experience and learn about 5 Basic Karate forms amongst 20 forms.

We do hope that after this lesson, you’ll find yourself better positioned to appreciate the 5 forms and hopefully protect yourself/others around you and deepen your knowledge about “inner strength “

JPY 6,500/person
JPY 5,200/person
JPY 4,880/person
JPY 4,550/person
2 persons
3 to 5 persons
6 to 9 persons
10 persons



15:00-17:00 / Mon, Wed, and Fri

Attendee Requirement

Minimum 2 to Maximum 10 persons in a group


JPY 6,500/person (2 persons)
JPY 5,200 /person (3 to 5 persons)
JPY 4,880 /person (6 to 9 persons)
JPY 4,550 /person (10 persons)

Meeting point

Yoshino Higashi Junior High school

Tips & Note

Including a TABITTO Mate (translator) at the experience
Dougi (a Karate uniform), 1hr private lesson to practice Karate
30min lesson about Karate history and philosophy.

About the Gem you will experience about...

◎ Karate(空手)

What is your image or perception of the martial art, “Karate(空手)”?
Karate doesn’t only focus on skills, but also inner strength – in the heart! It started as an exercise for monks at temples, and has now turned into an art form of self protection and protecting others around you.
Join this experience to “see” and “get” an understanding and appreciation of the real KARATE.

About the host

Mr. Goto, the Karate master has been practicing for 34 years through his life and established his dojo (道場:a training hall) in 1999. He was a member of Kyokushin(極真空手) and won the first place in several matches in his teens and twenties.

After retiring Kyokushin, he has been training to be a monk to discover the purpose of becoming “strong”. Since then, he has been exploring, practicing, and also sharing his thoughts on “What is Karate” and “How to Karate”.