Learning and tasting Kanosuke Distillery’s new pot & new make

Visit KANOSUKE distillery with a TABITTO Mate and learn the process of making whisky, the KANOSUKE way. You will also experience the maturation process of the 2018 “new pot” much prior to their first release in 2021. You’ll be amazed to see their Pot Stills & taste their Whiskey and Shochu at their brand-new tasting room/bar. Expect to be wowed by some great ocean views from your seat at the beautiful bar counter.

JPY 5,200/person
JPY 4,160/person
JPY 3,900/person
JPY 3,640/person
2 persons
3 to 5 persons
6 to 9 persons
10 persons


Tour available

10:00-11:00 / 13:00-14:00 / 15:00-16:00

Attendee Requirement

Minimum 2 to Maximum 10 persons in a group


JPY 5,200/person (2 persons)
JPY 4,160 /person (3 to 5 persons)
JPY 3,900 /person (6 to 9 persons)
JPY 3,640 /person (10 persons)

Meeting point

at KANOSUKE Distillery

Tips & Note

Including a TABITTO Mate (translator) at the experience & whisky
Shochu sampling at their tasting room.

*JPY 500- discount for more than JPY 3,000 of your purchases.
*You need to arrange your own rental car. But your driver is strongly prohibited to drink and drive.
*Bring your passport with you.

About the Gem you will experience about...

◎ Whisky 
Exciting times for Japanese Whisky fans! A 2nd Whisky distillery in Kagoshima! Komasa Jyozo.Co.,Ltd, a famous producer of some great Shochu has had Whisky ambitions for quite some time, which have now been realized in the newly built KANOSUKE distillery.
Learn more about their “spirit” as a Whisky Maker and Shochu Maker and feel the difference in maturation in a variety of Shochu casks.

About the host

Established in 1883, Komasa Jyozo.Co.,Ltd has been loved by locals and overseas fans for their Shochu. And now they are expanding their expertise in Shochu to Whisky, taking up the challenge in making Whisky and experimenting with their original and innovative plan of using Shochu aged/matured barrels for Whisky maturation.