TEA Experience in Kagoshima City

Do you know that Kagoshima produces not only Sencha(煎茶) but Matcha(抹茶) as well?
Learn how Matcha and Sencha are different and how to brew them;
from the experts, Birouen, which has been producing tea for more than 130 years!
At a very convenient location in Tenmonkan(天文館)in the heart of Kagoshima city(鹿児島市)!

JPY 5,800/person
JPY 4,640/person
JPY 4,350/person
2 persons
3 to 5 persons
6 persons

① Introductory class of tea ceremony 

The tea master will show you how to serve Matcha in the traditional tea ceremony style. You also learn how to use the tools to make Matcha by yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask the tea master about tea tools and traditions! 

② Introductory class of tea sommelier

Learn how to serve tea in the proper way and taste 5 kinds of Kagoshima Tea. Find your favorite Kagoshima Tea!



Attendee Requirement

Minimum 2 to Maximum 6 persons in a group


JPY 5,800/person (2 persons)
JPY 4,640/person (3 to 5 persons)
JPY 4,350 /person (6 persons)

Meeting point

Ocha no Birouen(お茶の美老園) Tenmonkan branch

Tips & Note

Including a TABITTO Mate (translator) at the experience
Including sweets with tea and shopping coupon 1,200yen
After the experience, you will even get a certificate!

*Please be careful with little children when you using hot water.
*Ask for chairs if it’s difficult to sit in the Japanese formal sitting posture (seiza/正座).

About the host

Ocha no Birouen

“What we hold most dear is the spirit of sincere, heartfelt hospitality. Our certified Japanese Tea Instructors and Japanese Tea Advisors offer suggestions on how to make and enjoy our teas, so that you may enrich and enjoy your tea experiences to the fullest.” (from the website of Birouen) Birouen has been producing tea for more than 130 years.