Goemon Buro at modern guest house

The host will explain about their philosophy and work at the site. After you learnt them, enjoy your special experience of Goemon Buro at their guest house. Special lunch will be served.

JPY 5,500/person

What is Goemon-Buro?

When you come to Japan, you may want to find out/ learn how locals live in house. Japanese houses are built functional and practical.

The material and design suit to the climate of the region.

The host will welcome you at their guest house with Goemon-Buro(五右衛門風呂), Japanese old style bathtub. Let’s chill at their beautiful guest house and learn their architect philosophy.



Attendee Requirement

Minimum 2 to Maximum 4 persons in a group


JPY 5,500/person 

No TABITTO Mate (translator). Explanation in English by host. *Lunch is included

Meeting point

The host’s office in Matsumoto, Kagoshima (20mins away by car from Kagoshima city)

Tips & Note

NO TABITTO Mate (translator) at the experience.
The host (Vega House) will guide you.

About the host

VEGA HOUSE is a housing maker in Kagoshima. They always look for simplicity and quality.
Their house is smart and stylish. Find their high quality of house architecture.