Shochu Day Special Tour @ Meiji Distillery

November 1st is Shochu Day! Let’s celebrate it inadvance with craftsmen at the distillery in the South of Japan

Date:  3-4:30pm (JST), Saturday, 30th Oct 2021

Virtual Tour


  • November 1st is Shochu Day! Let’s celebrate it in advance with Shochu craftsmen!

  • The building of the distillery is more than 100 years old. You’ll witness the historical Kura (Distillery) still active.

  • Shochu Master Distiller “Toji” and his craftsmen keep a tradition and produce Shochu by using the ancient production method. You can learn the method with a movie during the tour. It’s in the limited season of production of Shochu now and you also could observe the production process in real-time.

  • This distillery is only a company which has in-house cooperage. Let’s learn what is Japanese craftsmanship! 

  • Each brand has its unique flavor. Its craftsman introduces how you can enjoy Shochu.

Kagoshima is located in the most southern part of Japan mainland. Kagoshima is well known for the local spirits made from sweet potato, Shochu, and it is said that there are 114 Shochu distilleries and more than 2000 brands of Shochu in Kagoshima. Meijigura is located at the southern tip of Kagoshima with a historical distillery. You can enjoy the traditional production method of the unique liquor and the atmosphere of the building.

This is a virtual tour where you can feel as if you walk around in the Shochu distillery with your guide, Miki, a state-licensed guide and a certified Shochu navigator. She and a craftsman of the distillery will show you around there explaining about the traditional production methods and culture of Shochu. 

Yoshie, the moderator of the tour is actually a Shochu Meister. She will moderate and support through the tour.

At the end of the tour, the craftsman shows you a unique liquor set for Shochu and tells you how to use it. In addition, you will learn how to enjoy Shochu in various kinds of ways.

So when the tour ends, you would be a specialist of Shochu in Kagoshima!!




Free for cerebrating Shochu Day!

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About the host

Meijigura (明治蔵)/ Satsuma Shuzo

Satsuma Shuzo (薩摩酒造)is one of the most famous “Shochu” makers in Japan. 
Master brewers skill, quality ingredients and good water are necessary to make good Shochu. 
Our company policy is “quality first” 
They are producing Shochu with care in accordance with this policy.  
“Satsuma Shiranami  (さつま白波)” is their signature label and well known world wide.

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