Jinrikisha Ride in Ooshima Tsumugi in Kagoshima city

Learn the history of the Last Samurai era on Jinrikisha in Ooshima Tsumugi at the Kagoshima city 

JPY 18,100/person
JPY 20,600/person
One day kimono rental + 30mins ride
One day kimono rental + 45mins ride


  • Dressing for one day rental kimono of Ooshima Tsumugi, Japanese Traditional silk pongee takes you to explore Kagoshima, the city of the Last Samurai.
  • Enjoy a ride with Kagoshima scenery from a Jinrikisha – human-powered vehicle which was used in the Last Samurai era.
  • Learn the history of the Meiji Restoration and Japanese modernization

Starting timing is flexible.
Kimono rental ends by 6pm when the shop closes.

30 mins for dressing + 30/45 mins Jinrikisha Ride

Attendee Requirement

Minimum 1 to Maximum 2 


JPY 18,100-/person (30mins Jinrikisha ride)
JPY 26,500-/person (45mins Jinrikisha ride)

Meeting point

Oose Shouten in Kagoshima city

book Before

One week (Negotiable)

Tips & Note

NO TABITTO Mate (translator) at the experience.
The host helps you at the site.

* Please let us know your height and shoe size.
* Please let us know if your weight is more than 100kg.
* Kimono is available up to 165cm height for ladies and 180cm height for men.  
* Please return the kimono without any damages. The cost of damages will be charged for any tears, permanent stains, missing pieces, burns, or others spotted upon return

* Includes; One day rental kimono (Ooshima tsumugi), Japanese sandal, Tabi socks 
* Not includes; Personal expense


About the host

Agehaya 揚羽家

Agehaya is the only Jinrikisha company in Kagoshima, Japan.
Jinrikisha is a vehicle which was invented in Meiji era and Kagoshima has many history regarding Meiji era of Japan. Hop on it and discover the history of 150 years ago. 

Oose Shouten 大瀬商店

Oose Shouten is located in Kagoshima city and showcases Ooshima Tsumugi, Kagoshima’s traditional handicraft. It is made in Amami Ooshima island. The process of weaving requires professional skills and time. That is why it is so precious and many Kimono fans love it.