Kagoshima Fish Market Virtual Tour!🐟

Let’s visit virtually a Sashimi and Sushi Paradise in the South of Japan

Date:  11am (JST), Saturday, 28th Aug 2021 << canceled due to the semi-emergency measure in Kagoshima

– 11am (JST), Saturday, 13th February 2021 / Executed 
– 11am (JST), Saturday, 26th June 2021 
/ Executed
JPY 1,000-
JPY 3,000-
Virtual Tour
Virtual Tour Plus (available only in Japan)


  • Meet the Fish Market tour organizers virtually and walk through “Kagoshima city Central Fish Market” together! Watch the movie of “Auction Site” and “Middle Trade Area” and feel the fish closer.
  • Learn how special Kagoshima Fish Market is. Kagoshima is the paradise of seafood lovers. Feel the bounty of the ocean!
  • There are quizzes during the tour. Let’s have fun with the organizers and other virtual tourists!

Kagoshima is located in the most southern part of Japan mainland and the prefectural landmass stretches 600km. It consists with many small islands and has large fishing hauls.
“Kagoshima city Chuo Fish Market” is only accessible to sellers/buyers and workers at the market but specially allowed only for tourists who signed up with the Fish Market Tour.
They had the last tour in November 2019 and were planning to start again in March 2020. However, it has not been able to start due to COVID.
As many tourists are missing the tour, the committee of the tour has organized to launch the virtual tour!

This is an one hour virtual tour where you can feel as if you walk  through the market with the organizers.

At the beginning of virtual tour, the organizers welcome you, same as they do at the site. 

They will explain why the Kagoshima Fish Market is so special. During the tour, there are quiz times to learn more about the Market.

Although you won’t be able to go to the restaurants to have fresh seafood after the tour, for those who are living in Japan and purchased the ticket “Virtual Tour Plus”, we do arrange to ship the souvenir after the tour!

Don’t Miss! Join Us!

Souvenir for Virtual Tour Plus (the contents may vary due to the availability at the market)



Attendee Requirement

Minimum 2 to Maximum 20 accounts/devices


Virtual Tour ; JPY 1,000-/ device 
Virtual Tour Plus; JPY 3,000- /device 
*Seafood souvenir after the tour (available only in Japan)

Meeting point

by Zoom with your device

Book before

24 hour before OR until the tickets are sold out

Tips & Note

The ticket “Virtual Tour” includes
– English speaking online guide

The ticket “Virtual Tour Plus”  includes
– English speaking online guide
– Seafood Souvenir (Dried items) from Kagoshima Fish Market 
– Delivery Charge

This tour does NOT include
– Real guide
– telecom charge which occurs at your end

Please read before you book
– Cancellation policy: After purchasing the tickets, 90% of the ticket price is refundable (before 24hours). If you didn’t send the notice of cancelation 24hours before the tour or NO SHOW, the ticket price will not be refunded.

– If the tour is canceled due to bad weather conditions, a notice will be sent by e-mail before 6 PM (JST) 1 day prior to the tour. The guests will be able to reschedule/choose the alternative day or the tour fee paid will be fully refunded.

– Please download Zoom in advance.

– If any system problem occurs at our side, we will refund the ticket fee.

– We will not guarantee that any system problem occurs at your side. Please check your internet connection environment before the tour. 

– The time is Japan Standard Time (GMT +9:00). To check the time zone difference between your country and Japan, you may refer to this time zone converter.

*This tour is supported by Kagoshima city’s “Online Tourism Supporting Subsidy”.

About the host

Kagoshima Fish Market Tour

The tour at the site version began in collaboration with 7 small local hotels in 2010.
Thanks to great support from local people, we have welcomed a lot of people from all over the world since then.
Normally you cannot see how people work in Kagoshima Fish Market.
Let’s get up a little earlier than usual and feel it on this occasion.

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