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We are the only tour operator in Kagoshima which helps you to arrange such special experiences within your tour itinerary. We will coordinate your tour as per your request. We have partnerships with local transport companies, accommodation providers, and travel organizations. Contact us when you book your tickets to Kagoshima!



Yoshie was born and raised in Kagoshima. She moved to Hong Kong after getting married since 2006. She now lives in Hong Kong with her Indian husband (who loves whisky and manages a food & beverage business including whisky distribution), two soon-to-be teenager daughters and two chihuahuas (originally from Kagoshima as well!). Living in Hong Kong, travelling to several countries for the past 13 years and going back and forth to Kagoshima frequently she realized that Kagoshima had so many hidden gems and so much to offer to the world. Yet so little was known and understood about Kagoshima. As a Shochu lover, she decided to pick up the mantle to educate the overseas community about one of the most famous products from her hometown and has now been distributing Sweet Potato Shochu from her family’s distillery in Hong Kong. The commencement of direct flights from various countries into Kagoshima sparked an idea in Yoshie – she could now offer incoming tourists an opportunity to discover and explore the hidden gems and showcase her hometown’s specialties in their original setting and environment – and thus was born TABITTO. Her dream is to bring Kagoshima to the world through experiences!

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We know many hidden gems of Kagoshima. Learning the culture& lifestyle of the local is very special. Contact us and make your trip memorable one with TABITTO!


Chisato was born and raised in Kagoshima but also calls Tanegashima island home. She spent her childhood every summer visiting her grand-mother in Tanegashima island, and she got to know and love Kagoshima. She has always enjoyed nature, especially the sea and mountains. After involving in education teaching English for nine years she worked for an institution of higher education as a translator. She decided it would be a lot more fun to help people see the world for themselves, so joined TABITTO to involve in the travel industry in 2018. She has always had a passion for Kagoshima and always looking for new areas to discover. She is interested in traditional Japanese crafts, loves sea food, and enjoys working with our partners in the travel industry to help them introduce Japan to their clients.

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Coming to Japan can be an awesome experience, and it can be even better by creating your own itinerary with our support. I am looking forward to making a special trip with you!

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Local tour operator, Management of booking platform for Experiences, Overseas marketing support, Interpretation & Translation

Managing Director

Yoshie Kakimoto Mohanty

Head Office

2886-6 Anraku, Shibushi-cho, Shibushi-shi, Kagoshima 899-7104



Member organization

All Nippon Travel Agents Association (ANTA)
Kagoshima Travel Agents Association
Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors bureau
Kagoshima Convention and visitors bureau


1st Sep 2016

Travel License

Kagoshima 3-265 (2th Nov 2018 – 1th Nov 2023)