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TEA Experience in Kagoshima City

① Introductory class of tea ceremony The tea master will show you how to serve Matcha in the traditional tea ceremony style. You also learn how to use the tools to make Matcha by yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask the tea master about tea tools and traditions!

Learning and tasting Kanosuke Special New Pot /Whisky

Visit KANOSUKE distillery with a TABITTO Mate and learn the process of making whisky, the KANOSUKE way. You will also experience the maturation process of the 2018 “new pot” much prior to their first release in 2021.

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Fishing with the Master of Kinko Bay

Kinko Bay also known as Kagoshima Bay is a gorgeous yet calm and idyllic place. Would you like to go fishing at Kinko Bay surrounded by the exotic views of Mount Sakurajima?

Experience Karate

In this experience, Goto dojo will share their philosophy and also demonstrate some skills in Karate. After you learn the background about Karate and Karate forms, you’ll experience and learn about 5 Basic Karate forms amongst 20 forms.

Color your own Fisherman’s Flag!

Visit the Kamezaki Senko Co.,Ltd. to understand the history behind this tradition and learn to make your own Tairyo Bata (choose your own design and color it to your taste…to be used for your BIG day of a large catch!). Carry it back home along with memories of Kagoshima. Perfect as a gift or a memoir of your travels!

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Kagoshima Private Kitchen Experience

Experience the quality of IWAMOTO meat products at Restaurant KICHIZAEMON over a dinner in a simple and casual setting, wherein the main dishes only use Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu (Black Haired Wagyu beef) and Kagoshima Kuro Buta (Black Haired Boar/Pork).


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